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True Crime Podcast Hub

In 2014, This American Life released Serial, a ground-breaking series that launched true crime podcasting into the mainstream. Serial was one of the first true crime podcasts with mass appeal, but since then the number of true crime podcasts have multiplied. Whether you prefer UK true crime podcasts or international podcasts, presenter-led podcasts or case files, there are so many different series to choose from. But never fear, Crime + Investigation has created this dedicated hub to share our top true crime podcast recommendations, so you'll always know what to listen to next. As well as our top listens, you can read interviews with top podcasters and catch up with the latest true crime podcast news. While you're here, why not check out our own podcast series, the critically acclaimed Murdertown, which details the most shocking crimes from every corner of the UK.

Murdertown Podcast

Uncover a different perspective on the town where you live. Alongside the TV show, Benjamin Fitton from They Walk Among Us explores a brand new murder case in the Murdertown podcast. The Murdertown podcast is the perfect accompaniment to Crime + Investigation’s ever-popular television show of the same name. Uncover a different perspective on the town where you live by exploring a brand-new murder case every week. Now into its third series, the Murdertown podcast has detailed shocking crimes from every corner of the UK. Hosted by Benjamin Fitton, the unmistakable voice behind They Walk Among Us, each episode shines a light on the perhaps forgotten crimes that have plagued local communities for years. From Southampton and Blackpool, to Inverinate and Cerrigydrudion, no town is too big or too small to be rocked by murder.

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