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The top true crime podcasts of 2022

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A good true crime podcast can keep you gripped for hours, and there are some fantastic listens out there covering the most mainstream but also the most obscure of criminal activities. Here we’re looking at some of the most successful must-listen true crime podcasts of 2022. We’ve brought together a mix of well-known and well-loved titles as well as some newer productions.


No true crime podcast list can exist without a mention of Serial. Serial is the trailblazing podcast of the true crime genre and continues to captivate with every new episode. Even more importantly, the show’s exploration of the murder of American high school student Hae Min Lee in 1999 actually resulted in a conviction being overturned.

In September 2022, Adnan Syed, convicted of Hae Min Lee’s murder, had his conviction overturned, thanks to the work of the Serial team. Each season brings a new and engaging case to focus on, and Sarah Koening has established herself as a trailblazer in true crime.

Twisted Britain

Twisted Britain is a mixture of the macabre and murderous, with this UK-based podcast covering many tales of criminality from British history. The stories they cover range from somewhat weird to unbelievably strange, and they’re rooted in history with evidence to back them all up. The podcast is hosted by Bob and Ali, who record each episode at The Settle Inn in Stirling. Alongside the tall tales and ancient mysteries, there is always a drink or two as well.

Crime Junkie

Crime Junkie is the hugely popular creation of lifelong friends Brit Prawat and Ashley Flowers. It combines the suspense and drama you want from a true crime podcast with an informal feel that makes it an enjoyable listen. They explore a wide and varied range of crimes from across the years, and listeners particularly enjoy the captivating way Flowers can spin a story and keep them hooked until the very end.

Lady Justice True Crime

Lady Justice True Crime is a fortnightly UK-based podcast that explores lesser-known crimes in history as well as recent modern cases. The focus is on the most fascinating and unexpected of stories, from a murderous sister to a choir girl who unfortunately met her end in the very place she used to sing. Many of the crimes in this podcast are little known, making them even more captivating.


Morbid combines classic true crime with a humorous twist and has kept it among many top true crime podcasts listed for many years. It brings together a Boston-based aunt and niece presenting team who work together to cover every kind of true crime story. There are episodes of Morbid dealing with blockbuster cases such as Ted Bundy, as well as smaller, lesser-known stories that intrigue and keep listeners switched on. There is a conversational and fun side to this podcast that will keep you listening too.


Hoaxed focuses on the danger and damage of conspiracy theories. It covers the 2014 case of two children going to the police and accusing their father and teachers of running a Satanic cult. Hoaxed explores the nature of one of Britain’s most serious conspiracy theories and the impact it caused on many people beyond the accused and accusers.


Both winning awards and keeping listeners hooked with each episode, Casefile explores both solved and unsolved crimes across the decades. Their focus varies from sinister dark web investigations to curious missing person cases. One of the most intriguing things about Casefile is that the host has kept their identity anonymous, and this just adds to the intrigue and enjoyment in each episode.

They Walk Among Us

With a new episode each week and a commitment to highlighting those crimes that are a little too close to home, They Walk Among Us is a hugely successful UK true crime podcast that has just expanded into the US with great success. The focus on crimes that happen in local neighbourhoods is both thrilling and unnerving and means each episode is not to be missed.

And That’s Why We Drink

Fun and frightening in equal measure, And That’s Why We Drink combines the surprisingly natural pairing of the paranormal and true crime in a podcast that is regularly recognised as one of the best. Christine and Em combine the sinister and the spooky with comedy notes and very real true crime tales. Their relationship and on-air banter are key to the success of the podcast, and you’ll learn about new ghostly legends and murky crimes with each listen.

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