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Murdertown podcast S3: Episode guide

Murdertown with Benjamin Fitton

The Murdertown podcast is the perfect accompaniment to Crime + Investigation’s ever-popular television show of the same name. Uncover a different perspective on the town where you live by exploring a brand-new murder case every week.

Now into its third series, the Murdertown podcast has detailed shocking crimes from every corner of the UK. Hosted by Benjamin Fitton, the unmistakable voice behind They Walk Among Us, each episode shines a light on the perhaps forgotten crimes that have plagued local communities for years. From Southampton and Blackpool, to Inverinate and Cerrigydrudion, no town is too big or too small to be rocked by murder.

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Benjamin Fitton

Benjamin Fitton keeps a relatively low profile but is best known for hosting They Walk Among Us, one of the most popular true crime podcasts. The show started in 2016 and focuses on telling the stories of the victims and their families. It is exclusively based around British crimes, something that was rather niche in the podcasting space at the time. Benjamin has been working on the Murdertown podcast since its inception in 2018 after initially being a fan of the television show.

Murdertown Podcast - Series 3

Episode 1 – The Murder of Teresa De Simone

In Southampton, residents were intrigued by police activity at a local cemetery. Could a decades old crime about to be solved? David Lace was exhumed in 2009, twenty years after he passed away. He wasn’t the murder victim in question, nor was he the man convicted, but investigators were desperate to retrieve his DNA in relation to the death of 22-year-old Teresa De Simone in 1979.

Episode 2 – The Clocaenog Forest Man

In November 2015, two brothers went camping in the Clocaenog Forest in North Wales. They were there for the annual Wales Rally GB which passes through the roads near Cerrigydrudion, some of the most challenging stages of the tour. While searching among the trees for firewood the brothers found a human skull and bones hidden among the undergrowth. Were the police ever able to identify who the remains belong to or what happened to them?

Episode 3 – The Murder of Tessa Howden

One winter’s morning in 1986, David Howden was surprised to find that his daughter, Tessa, was yet to get out of bed. She had started a job at the local newspaper in Croydon and was usually the first to rise. When he went to check in her room, David found Tessa’s body underneath her bed covers with her tights covered in blood and wrapped around her neck. She had been murdered while her parents slept soundly across the hall.

Episode 4 – The Murder of Catherine Weaver and Gabrielle Morris

‘The Nook Rest Home’ on Blackpool’s South Shore was no stranger to emitting screams or cries throughout the night. The residence cared for the elderly and people with physical disabilities. When one resident heard a scream in the early hours of the morning on 31st January 1978, they just assumed someone was having a nightmare. 64-year-old Catherine Weaver had been stabbed to death on the kitchen floor, and it wasn’t until another murder occurred 10 years later that the police finally secured a breakthrough.

Episode 5 – The Murder of Tina Baker

Tina and Martin got married after meeting through a local Surrey ‘Lonely Hearts’ advertisement. They thought they were starting a dream life together when they bought a farm just outside the village of Chobham, Surrey. However, the relationship soon broke down and Tina walked out on her husband after just two years. A few months later, Martin went to the police to report Tina missing. Was he concerned for her wellbeing or simply trying to cover his tracks?

Episode 6 – The Murder of Helen Fiona Torbet

Helen Fiona Torbet was a keen walker and she loved to explore the Scottish Highlands. However, after going out for a hike in 1993, she disappeared. Her body wasn’t found for nine months, inside the grounds of a local B&B on the shore of Loch Duich near the small village of Inverinate. The circumstances surrounding her death sent shockwaves through the local community.

Episode 7 – The Murder of George Button

The country roads around West Rainton, County Durham are very secluded and pitch black at night-time. Therefore, it was just by chance that a passing car spotted George Button lying on a verge. Surrounded by a pool of his own blood, George was alive when the ambulance arrived…but only just. Suspicion fell on his wife almost immediately because of his mounting debts and the life insurance police that had recently been taken out against him.

Episode 8 - The Murder of Madallin Jones

Hawarden is a quiet village in North Wales, close to the English border. In 1993, while driving along nearby country roads, a couple spotted a red car that had driven off the road and crashed into a tree. The vehicle was empty, perhaps indicating that the driver had gone looking for help. However, as police dig deeper into the incident and discover the body of Madallin Jones, they conclude that foul play must have been involved.