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Murdertown S3 E4: Blackpool – The Murder of Catherine (Kitty) Weaver & Gabrielle Morris

Murdertown podcast

Uncover a different perspective on the town where you live. Alongside the TV show, Benjamin Fitton from They Walk Among Us explores a brand new murder case in the Murdertown podcast.


It was around five in the morning on January 31st, 1978, when a scream echoed through the rooms of ‘The Nook Rest Home’ on Blackpool’s South Shore.

A scream or a cry in the night wasn’t uncommon at The Nook, which catered for the elderly, the sick, and older people with physical disabilities. And so in the early hours when a fellow resident heard it, they assumed someone was having a nightmare.

As morning broke, residents and care-workers discovered one of their newer residents on the kitchen floor— covered in blood, murdered after someone had broken in through the window.

Murdertown is a Crime+Investigation original podcast hosted by Benjamin Fitton, written and researched by Anna Priestland, edited by Joel Porter, produced by Kim Sergeant and series produced by Sam Pearson. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.