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Chobham dug up in search for Tina Baker, and feared 'fed to pigs' - Murdertown Podcast


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As the year 2000 approached, two strangers met through a local Surrey ‘Lonely Hearts’ advertisement. Within two years, Tina and Martin Baker were married, and Tina’s lifelong dream of owning her own farm was realised when they bought Brookfield Farm just outside the village of Chobham in Surrey’s northwest corner. Tina and Martin Baker’s relationship, however, was short lived and within two years of their marriage, when Tina was 41, and Martin, 50, she left him. Tina had attempted to leave once before and returned, but this time it was for good. Towards the end of that July alarm bells started to ring when those close to Tina hadn’t seen her for two weeks. And Martin, not having any answers as to where she might be, went to the local Surrey police to report her missing.