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Five fascinating true crime podcasts you need to listen to

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Most successful true crime podcasts have a large audience of passionate and loyal listeners | Shutterstock

As well as true crime books and TV shows, the true crime podcast genre is huge. The sheer range of quality podcasts available to listen to in this field means audiences can explore almost any type of crime and any type of criminal.

True crime podcasts give enthusiasts, experts, and even those with a connection to some crimes to have their say and broadcast their stories to an engaged audience, a far cry from the mainstream media. Many true crime podcasts have a strong following and thousands of listeners every week.

We’re looking at some of the most popular and diverse true crime podcasts out there, certainly worth a listen and just as addictive as those unputdownable true crime books.

Here are five amazing true crime podcasts perfect for first-time listeners and avid crime fans alike.

1. They Walk Among Us

The recipient of many awards, They Walk Among Us launched in 2016 and is the work of husband-and-wife true crime obsessives, Benjamin and Rosanna Fitton. They cover a lot of cases that have gripped the nation, as well as intriguing but lesser-known stories. They cover everything from the disappearance of Shannon Matthews to cybercrime and the Mafia.

An accompanying book was published due to the popularity of the series. They Walk Among Us broadcasts a new episode every week. The creators have even moved into the American market with their second production in collaboration with the Law & Crime podcast network: They Walk Among America.

2. UK True Crime Podcast

The weekly UK True Crime Podcast has been one of the most popular in the genre since its launch in 2016. There has been a new episode every week for the past six years which explores and re-examines the most compelling UK crimes.

The host, Adam, focuses on lesser-known cases to introduce them to his listeners. He also approaches high-profile and well-known cases from new angles, providing interesting insights and perspectives that may not have been previously considered. The style of the show is matter of fact, clear and straightforward, with a less dark focus than some others. This makes it a great easy listening choice.

3. The Missing

Estimates suggest that someone is reported missing about once every 90 seconds in the UK. The Missing podcast focuses on the one percent of these cases that remain unsolved.

The podcast works in collaboration with the charities Missing People and Locate International. It lets listeners get involved and share their theories and ideas through forums organised by the charity organisations. The podcast has covered a wide range of high-profile and lesser-known cases, including those of Bernadette Cooper, Andrew Gosden, and Katrice Lee.

4. RedHanded

Covering the bizarre, the horrific, and the downright terrifying, RedHanded is the creation of Suruthi and Hannah, who bonded over their love of all things true crime. Their shared love of true crime podcasts, in particular, brought them together to create their own about their favourite parts of the shows that are already available.

As well as your regular true crime cases, they also cover the weird and wonderful, including the paranormal. Beyond just telling the tales, RedHanded also looks at the societal and cultural influences at play in many high-profile cases.

5. Criminal

Hosted by a leading journalist and much like a well-researched true crime book or film, Criminal is a serious and in-depth crime podcast from the US. Presenter Phoebe Judge has a successful journalism career behind her and the podcast has a journalistic feel as it reports cases very closely and in-depth.

Victims, perpetrators, and witnesses are all interviewed and examined to give fresh and sometimes unexpected insight into different cases. Listeners often find they have a new feeling or perspective on high-profile cases and critics also say it leaves them wondering about the effectiveness of the legal system.

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