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Show Notes: 'Switchblade Sisters Social Club' podcast Q&A

Switchblade Sisters Social Club

Show Notes is the Q&A series from Crime + Investigation where we speak to the hosts of your favourite true crime podcasts. Using quickfire questions we find out more about the shows, their passion for true crime and the cases that keep them awake at night. There are hundreds of true crime podcasts available across every platform, so this is your chance to meet the people behind the microphones and discover your next favourite listen.

In this latest Show Notes interview, we spoke to Diana Safieh, co-host of the Switchblade Sisters Social Club. As the name suggests, Diana hosts the show alongside her sister, Randa. They go on deep dives into some well-known cases, as well as some more unexplored ones. The dynamic of these sisters is reminiscent of all close family relationships and the nostalgia it invokes is sure to give you a warm feeling inside…in between all the murders, of course.

1. What five words would you use to describe your podcast?

Giving a voice to underdogs.

2. What makes your podcast stand out from the crowd?

You may be thinking, ‘Just what the world needs, another true crime podcast hosted by middle-aged women sidetracking on things to do with their own lives'. But we are also sisters!

If you have siblings or close friends, we hope you relate to our dynamic. We also hyper-fixate on subjects, so our research is second to none! For example, we covered serial killer Levi Bellfied, and the police detective who caught him, the legend that is Colin Sutton, said it was ‘The most comprehensive, error-free, engaging and easy to listen to podcast that anyone has done. It is by far the best in a crowded field.’ Check out season 1, Episode 2 to see if you agree!

3. What first sparked your interest in true crime?

We are Palestinian, so we grew up with a fairly morbid history and sense of identity. Our Dad used to make us watch the news from a young age, and our Mum used to sit us down to watch Agatha Christie with her. We are also highly anxious individuals who need to be aware of all the dangers out there!

4. What's your favourite part of the podcasting process?

It’s definitely spending so much more time with my sister and co-host, Randa. She has 6-year-old autistic twins and works a hell of a lot too, so it can be difficult to pin her down for quality time. Now, she is committed to spending every Friday with me talking about our favourite subjects: True crime, Palestine and leftist whines. We also get a total kick out of our reviews and the engagement with our listeners on our Instagram.

5. What's the favourite episode you’ve done and why?

Back to Levi Bellfield again, although I am going to start calling it the Colin Sutton episode. It was a crime that was close to home and led to the most feedback from our listeners, and to some amazing opportunities, like actually meeting Colin and interviewing him for a bonus episode.

6. What keeps you awake at night?

The Larry Gene Bell episode will always creep me out. This was a man who abducted and killed at least two girls (aged 17 and 6). When he abducted Shari Smith, the 17-year-old, he tormented her mother and sister with phone calls for weeks after. I can’t imagine if someone killed my sister, let alone having to speak to the guy on the phone to try to catch him. The bravery of those women to bring him to justice will always move me.

7. What do you now know about podcasting that you wish you knew when you started?

Editing takes FOREVER. I wish I did a course before I started, which is why we created one!

8. What life lessons has true crime taught you?

Walk with your keys in your fist!

9. What's one cold case you would like to see solved?

The Natalie Wood case. She went on a boat trip with her husband Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken (I know!), and she drowned. The death is so unbelievably suspicious. There have been movements to push this case further and someone has now officially been named a Person of Interest. It would be really satisfying to bring justice for Natalie and her family.

10. What's your favourite true crime podcast?

Murder Most Irish, but a special shout out also to Wine & Crime.

11. What’s your favourite Crime + Investigation show and why?

Meet, Marry, Murder because it makes me feel better about my romantic life choices! We were very lucky to have Queer Criminologist Brian Frederick from the show on a bonus episode of ours.

12. If you could start a podcast based on a topic other than true crime, what would you choose and why?

My sister wants us to host a Real Housewives podcast, but I had never seen the show. We recently started a spin-off series for our Patreon subscribers called Drunk Real Housewives, where I get bladdered and watch Real Housewives of New Jersey. It’s like Gogglebox, but with more swearing.

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