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A true crime podcast host recommends true crime podcasts for dark winter nights

Diana Safieh, host of the Switchblade Sisters Social Club podcast
Image: Switchblade Sisters Social Club | Background image: | Above: Dee Safieh, host of the Switchblade Sisters Social Club podcast

Diana Safieh co-hosts a true crime podcast with her sister Randa. Check out the Switchblade Sisters Social Club, a podcast where two sisters exploit their worst fears, for your entertainment.

As the nights draw in and temperatures drop, there's something enticing and enchanting about curling up under a soft blanket, hot drink in hand, and delving into a captivating true crime story. For those intrigued by mysteries, investigations, and the human psyche, here are some of the most engrossing true crime podcasts perfect for those dark winter nights.

#DEAD2ME: The Interviews

This is the companion podcast to the exclusive Crime + Investigation television series, #DEAD2ME. Hosted by criminologist Dr Honor Doro Townshend, the podcast goes deeper into the stories of couples whose relationships started online and took a tragic turn.

Dr Honor interviews families and experts, seeking to uncover warning signs, trigger points, and ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones from similar tragedies. A must for anyone thinking of venturing into the world of online dating!

Root of Evil

These two sisters, Rasha Pecoraro and Yvette Gentile, suck you into their family history as they themselves learn of it and their connection to one of Hollywood's most notorious unsolved murders: the Black Dahlia killing. The brutal murder of Elizabeth Short in 1947 has been the subject of much speculation and intrigue for decades.

This podcast focuses on the Hodel family, specifically Dr. George Hodel, a prime suspect in the case. Told through the lens of the Hodel family's descendants, listeners are taken on a journey that reveals dark family secrets, generations of trauma, and unsettling accounts that suggest the family's involvement in the murder might be more than mere speculation. Check out their spin-off podcast series ‘Facing Evil’.


With season one examining the case of Susan Powell, a wife and mother who vanished from West Valley City, Utah in 2009, this story becomes hauntingly personal. Hosted and meticulously researched by Dave Cawley, the podcast unravels the twisted tale of a seemingly happy marriage that hid dark secrets. The narrative is significantly enriched by access to personal diaries, voice mails, and other intimate sources that offer listeners a hauntingly personal connection to Susan.

The primary suspect in her disappearance is her husband, Josh Powell, and the podcast explores not only the disturbing events leading up to her vanishing but also the harrowing aftermath, including the tragic fate of her two young sons. The following seasons on the disappearances of Joyce Yost and Sheree Warren are also captivating.

And That's Why We Drink

A mix of ghost stories and true crime, this podcast is perfect for those who love a dash of the supernatural with their mysteries. Hosts Em and Christine regale listeners with spine-tingling ghost stories and perplexing unsolved mysteries.

Em typically delves into the paranormal side, sharing tales of haunted places, eerie legends, and otherworldly phenomena, while Christine dives into the world of true crime, narrating everything from notorious serial killers to lesser-known mysteries. Their banter-filled exchanges, combined with a dash of humour and a splash of wine or milkshake, makes this podcast a must-listen for anyone who loves a good scare.

Generation Why

Generation Why is a pioneering podcast, hosted by friends Aaron and Justin, that has been going for over 10 years. Since its inception, the show has captivated listeners with its well-researched and detailed examinations of a wide range of topics from unsolved murders and mysterious disappearances to contentious theories and controversies.

The hosts break down the intricacies of each case, offering a balanced view by considering all available evidence, witness testimonies, and expert opinions. Aaron and Justin's chemistry, combined with their genuine curiosity and dedication to uncovering the truth, makes Generation Why a standout in the realm of true crime podcasts.

Someone Knows Something

This is an investigative podcast which is ideal for binging, as there are eight seasons to get stuck into. Filmmaker and writer David Ridgen re-examines cold cases, primarily from Canada, with the hope of uncovering new leads or insights.

Each season focuses on a single unsolved crime or disappearance, allowing for a comprehensive examination of the case's details, the affected families, and the community's response. Ridgen's empathetic approach stands out, as he often collaborates closely with the families of the victims, giving them a platform to share their stories and emotions.

In the Dark

This critically acclaimed podcast, headed by journalist Madeleine Baran, focuses not just on the crimes themselves, but also on the failures and shortcomings of the systems meant to bring justice.

The first season centres on the abduction of Jacob Wetterling, a case that remained unsolved for nearly 27 years. The second season looks into the case of Curtis Flowers, a man tried six times for the same crime in the state of Mississippi. Madeleine Baran's thorough investigative approach, combined with a powerful narrative style, sheds light on systemic issues within the American criminal justice system.

The Teacher's Pet

This podcast looks at the mysterious 1982 disappearance of Lynette Dawson from Sydney, Australia. Hosted by the award-winning journalist Hedley Thomas, the series uncovers a tangled web of relationships, secrets, and potential foul play. At the centre of the narrative is Chris Dawson, Lynette's husband and a former rugby player, who quickly became a prime suspect due to his affair with a teenage student, Joanne Curtis.

As the story unfolds, Thomas reveals a backdrop of inappropriate student-teacher relationships at the high school where Chris taught. The Teacher's Pet has been lauded not only for its captivating storytelling but also for reigniting interest in the case, leading to significant real-world implications in the search for justice.

Over My Dead Body

Hosted by Matthew Shaer, this podcast examines the intricate dynamics of relationships pushed to their breaking points, where love, passion and conflict intertwine, leading to unforeseen and often tragic outcomes.

The first season, titled ‘Tally’, goes into the story of Dan Markel and Wendi Adelson, two well-respected lawyers whose seemingly perfect marriage ended in a bitter divorce and culminated in a shocking crime. As Shaer unpacks the events, listeners are introduced to a cast of complex characters, legal battles, and a web of relationships that raise questions about how far someone might go when motivated by revenge or greed.

The Clearing

This is a gripping podcast that unfolds the chilling story of April Balascio, a 40-year-old woman who comes to a haunting realisation that her father, Edward Wayne Edwards, is a serial killer. Hosted by Josh Dean, we follow April's journey as she grapples with her father's dark past and ultimately decides to confront it, leading to his arrest. The podcast skillfully navigates the complexities of familial ties, the burden of knowledge, and the relentless pursuit of clarity. Would you dob your dad in?

So, as you prepare for those long winter nights, these podcasts will ensure you're both entertained and enthralled. Grab your headphones, light a candle, and get ready for a journey into the mysterious and macabre.