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Top holiday podcast recommendations

Listening to a true crime podcast at the airport

Diana Safieh co-hosts a true crime podcast with her sister Randa. Check out the Switchblade Sisters Social Club, a podcast where two sisters exploit their worst fears, for your entertainment.

Planning for a holiday can be a flurry of booking flights, accommodation and packing up essentials. But don’t forget to download your location-appropriate podcasts to really make the most of your trip!

For Holiday Inspiration: Twisted Travel and True Crime

Haven’t booked a holiday yet? Looking for ideas? This podcast might help you decide where not to go. This series explores chilling true crime stories set in picturesque locations, and that’s the kind of incongruence we love to hate.

For a Road Trip Holiday: A Perfect Storm: The True Story of the Chamberlains

Did you hire an RV or a campervan? Travelling cross-country in it? Let this podcast keep you company on the road as it delves into the mysteries and controversies surrounding the famous Chamberlain case where baby Azaria disappeared during a camping trip, and suspicion surrounded her mother for decades. Did a dingo really steal her baby?

For a Festival Holiday: Disgraceland

Off to surround yourself with music, mud and other people’s urine? Then this podcast is your jam. True crime, musicians and hedonism mesh into a cocktail, perfect for when you are rallying for the upcoming day of tent-hopping, slip-and-sliding and mosh-pitting.

For a Beach Holiday: Death Island

This podcast will have you on the edge of your sunbed with its gripping tales of mysterious disappearances and unexplained deaths, especially if you just happen to be on the island of Koh Tao, Thailand. Cover-ups (and not the beach variety), corruption and cults, all set on a paradise island.

For an Activity Holiday: Lords of Soccer

Gear up for a holiday full of action and activities with this podcast, which takes you deep into the underbelly of the football world. You don’t need to be a fan of sport to find this one fascinating.

For a Girly Holiday: Welcome to Your Fantasy

Embrace your girly getaway by diving deep into the ‘80s phenomenon of the Chippendales. Teeming with tantalizing tales of intrigue, it's a lavish smorgasbord of nostalgia that would even make the Golden Girls green with envy. It's perfect for dramatic retellings of true crime stories over your favourite glass of vino.

For a Yoga Retreat: Zealot

Yoga is all about finding balance and inner peace. So why do so many cults teach it? This podcast even has a jingle about whether or not each cult they cover has yoga in it! Zealot explores different cults worldwide, creating an uncomfortable dichotomy between tranquillity and the true crime world.

For a Round-the-World Trip: Bang to Rights

Embark on a global adventure with this podcast, which offers insight into international law and order, making it an informative companion as you navigate different cultures and societies on your trip.

For a Drinking Holiday: Drunk Women Solving Crime

Matching a party atmosphere with comedy and intrigue, this podcast is intoxicatingly fun and is perfect for your libation-filled vacation. Who said that a bar crawl can't also include a bit of detective work?

For a Nostalgic Visit Back Home: Dragonfly: Brett Cantor Murder Mystery

Reliving the past on your visit back home? Regressing into teenage behaviours as you stay at your parent’s house? This podcast examines the unsolved murder of Brett Cantor, and the ‘90s setting might just bring back some memories.

For a Last-Minute Holiday: Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

When you're making spontaneous decisions, a podcast filled with unexpected twists and turns like this one fits right in. This series gets straight into the story of a con artist who fooled Hollywood's elites and industry workers, even getting them to fly around the world for jobs that just did not exist. It’s funny/terrifying how little evidence we need to believe what we want to believe.

For a Nature or Adventure Holiday: Park Predators

Immerse yourself in the wilderness with this podcast that has plenty of ammo for story time around the campfire.

Dive headfirst into the wild unknown with the spine-tingling podcast, which tells the eerie stories that lurk behind the beauty of North America’s national parks. What exactly is skulking amidst the undergrowth? Grab your marshmallows, brace yourself for goosebumps and get ready to make your travel buddies question every rustle and shadow under the starry sky.

For a Sailing or Cruise Holiday: Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood

This podcast explores the mysterious circumstances around actress Natalie Wood's drowning. Don your detective hat and life jacket as you navigate through waves of hearsay and undertows of intrigue with this perfect mix of sea, stars and suspense.

Beware though, this intriguing tale might just make you second guess every mysterious splash you hear off the starboard bow. Remember, in between the shuffleboard and sunbathing on your cruise holiday, it's all fun and games until someone falls overboard.

For an 18-30s or Singles Holiday: The Dating Game Killer

If you're heading out for a singles or 18-30s holiday, this one’s for you. Like an audio chastity belt, it is a reminder of the exciting but sometimes dark side of dating. Sure, you're out to mingle, but amidst the flurry of sunscreen, cocktails and exciting new faces, let this podcast be your sherpa, guiding you through the thrilling peaks and potentially perilous valleys of the dating landscape.