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A true crime podcast host recommends shows to match your Halloween vibe

Headphones and police crime scene tape with a spooky forest background

Diana Safieh co-hosts a true crime podcast with her sister Randa. Check out the Switchblade Sisters Social Club, a podcast where two sisters exploit their worst fears, for your entertainment.

This Halloween, why not use the world of podcasts to amplify your experiences of intrigue and horror? But which to choose?! From mysterious disappearances to unsolved murders, here are some true crime podcasts perfect for setting the eerie mood this Halloween season.

If you're easily spooked - Criminal

Hosted by investigative journalist Phoebe Judge, Criminal focuses on stories about people who've just casually brushed against the dark side of crime, instead of focusing solely on the gruesome details or sensational aspects of crimes.

This podcast is suspenseful without being too gory, making it the perfect match for those who want a thrill without terror and nightmares.

If you’re the scary movie aficionado - Sword and Scale

Sword and Scale covers a wide range of criminal cases, including some of the most heinous and disturbing crimes, often emphasising the darker and more gruesome aspects of humanity. It combines narration, interviews, court recordings, and other audio materials to provide listeners with a comprehensive look at each case.

This is as chilling and raw as it gets. This podcast has faced criticism for being graphic, so it is not for the faint-hearted.

If you love ghost stories - The Last Podcast on the Left

While The Last Podcast on the Left covers real-life crimes, it also takes a humorous look into the paranormal and bizarre events from history. For those who want a mix of true crime with a touch of the supernatural.

If you’re the costume connoisseur - Hollywood & Crime

Hollywood & Crime looks at the glamorous yet occasionally dark underbelly of Hollywood’s golden age, exploring infamous and lesser-known crimes in Hollywood's history. Whether it's the mysterious death of a starlet, a notorious scandal, or a shocking murder, the podcast unravels the complexities and mysteries behind these stories. Check this podcast out for a taste of vintage crime, glamour, and drama.

If you enjoy a good mystery novel - The Vanished

The Vanished focuses on something that keeps me up at night: unsolved disappearances. Often featuring those that haven't garnered significant media attention and inspired by her own great-grandfather who disappeared in Philadelphia, host Marissa Jones fills each episode with interviews that paint a detailed and personal picture of the circumstances surrounding each disappearance. Each episode is a new mystery waiting to be unravelled.

If you're the Halloween Scrooge - This is Love

From the creators of the acclaimed podcast Criminal, This is Love investigates life’s most persistent mystery: love. While not strictly a true crime podcast, it occasionally touches on stories that overlap with the crime genre. The episodes explore intriguing tales of sacrifice, obsession, and the ways in which love intersects with our daily lives in unexpected forms.

If someone isn’t too keen on the typical chills and thrills of Halloween but is open to engrossing tales with a twist, This is Love might be just the ticket. The Halloween Scrooge can enjoy the mysterious, heartwarming, and occasionally bittersweet tales of love while avoiding the stereotypical haunts of the season.

If you love a haunted house - Haunted Places: Ghost Stories

While Haunted Places goes deep into the tales of the world's most haunted places, its spin-off, Haunted Places: Ghost Stories, takes it a step further by recounting the ghostly tales and legends that have come from these places. From eerie manors to sinister asylums, each episode takes the listener through the legends that give each location its haunted reputation.

The narrative paints a vivid picture of each haunted location, allowing listeners to explore the dark halls and shadowy corners of the world's most haunted places. True crime elements, such as unsolved mysteries, murders, and dark histories, interweave with the supernatural, making it a thrilling listen for anyone fascinated by both crime and hauntings.

If you love the trick more than the treat - The Perfect Scam

Hosted by fraud expert Frank Abagnale (whose life story was depicted in the movie Catch Me If You Can), The Perfect Scam examines some of the most shocking and intricate scams and cons from around the world.

While pranks are generally light-hearted, scams are their darker, more deceitful counterparts. For someone who appreciates the intricacies of setting up a prank, understanding the mind and tactics of a con artist can be equally intriguing. This podcast uncovers the art of deception at its most sophisticated level, often featuring interviews with both victims and the con artists themselves.