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What's coming up on '#DEAD2ME: The Interviews'

#DEAD2ME: The Interviews

#DEAD2ME: The Interviews is a brand new podcast series that was released to accompany #DEAD2ME, the exclusive Crime + Investigation television show.

The 10-part television series is currently being broadcast on Mondays at 9pm, with new episodes also being released on Crime + Investigation Play and on demand. Each episode explores the stories of 10 couples from across Britain and Ireland whose relationships were born out of the digital age and all took a turn for the tragic. The victims are placed at the centre of each case and the stories are told through moving testimonies from those they were closest to.

The companion podcast, #DEAD2ME: The Interviews, is hosted by criminologist Dr Honor Doro Townshend who speaks in greater detail to some of those affected and who witnessed the tragic events unfolding.

In speaking with the families of the people at the heart of these cases and contributing experts, Dr Townshend – who also appears in the television series – finds out more about what the warning signs were, what the trigger points may have been and how we can protect ourselves and the people we love.

#DEAD2ME: The Interviews is currently available on all podcast platforms and new episodes are being released every Monday. Read on to find out what is covered in each episode of the podcast.

Episode 1 – Tai O’Donnell

19-year-old Londoner Tai O’Donnell was a young man who thought he had nothing to fear from his 5ft girlfriend, Kamila Ahmad. However, after they started dating her anger issues soon became evident. Ahmad started to control Kai and when he tried to break up the relationship, she stabbed him four times.

In this episode, Honor speaks to Linda and Shane Trott, Tai’s grandparents, as well as Mark Brooks from ManKind, a charity that supports male victims of domestic abuse.

Episode 2 – Ashley Wadsworth

Canadian Ashley Wadsworth was just 12 when she started talking to 15-year-old Jack Sepple online. Once she turned 18, she made the 4,500-mile trip to meet him in Colchester, Essex. From the outside, the couple seemed to be having a picture-perfect trip, but when Sepple became abusive and violent, Ashley tried to return home to her family. Before she could leave, Sepple stabbed her over 50 times.

An interview with Christy Gendron, Ashley Wadsworth’s mother, features on the second episode. Honor also speaks to Rebecca Mason, a former police detective and domestic violence specialist.

Episode 3 – Dawn Walker

Before Dawn Walker met Thomas Nutt over Facebook, she was a confident, outgoing woman. However, over the course of the relationship, her personality changed and she became terrified of her controlling fiancé. Then, on their wedding day, Nutt murdered Dawn and hid her body in a suitcase.

Lisa Walker, Dawn’s sister, and Kiera-Lee Guest, one of Dawn’s daughters, both talk to Honor on this episode about how helpless they felt. They knew Dawn was being abused but were powerless to remove her from the situation.

Episode 4 – Kerry Woolley

Kerry Woolley came from a loving family, but an alcohol dependency saw her life go into a downward spiral. After she was separated from her children, Kerry desperately turned to the internet for company and met Ian Bennett. Kerry’s family thought this new man would be the answer to her problems, but within a few weeks, she was dead. Bennett stabbed her more than 50 times.

This podcast episode covers substance abuse and how victims can become extremely vulnerable to manipulation and emotional abuse. Honor speaks to Kerry’s sister, Lisa, and a barrister to learn more about how Bennett’s mother covered up the crime.

Episode 5 – Katherine Smith

Anthony Lowe trawled Plenty of Fish using a fake profile which used a fake name and said he was 10 years younger. Here he met Katherine Smith and the pair had a whirlwind romance which led to them becoming engaged after only a week. Lowe love bombed the young mother, but his obsession turned deadly and he strangled her to death.

The final episode of the podcast series highlights the dangers of online dating and catfishing. Honor explains why it is so important to have a legal system in place that can keep up to date with societal changes and calls on dating apps to do more to safeguard their users.

#DEAD2ME: The Interviews is available wherever you get your podcasts.