January 2018

The Menendez Murders: Erik Tells All

Menendez Murders Erik Tells All

Tuesdays 10pm

For the first time in over a decade, Erik Menendez opens up with his most in-depth interview to date in The Menendez Murders: Erik Tells All, a new documentary series that re-examines one of the most fascinating true crime tragedies of the past century through the lens of one of the convicted killers.

All new Homicide Hunter

New Series Thursdays 10pm

There one thing that never changes: Murder. A Life has been taken their stories are now Kenda's stories. Lieutenant Joe Kenda and his Colorado Springs crime-fighting team have solved an unprecedented 387 homicide investigations, resulting in a 92% solve rate. Join Lieutenant Kenda as he guides us, with the aid of dramatic re-creations, through some of the most disturbing and challenging murder cases that he and his team have worked on.

Homicide Hunters takes us behind the scenes with one of the world’s best homicide detectives to learn how murders are really solved. Somebody has to take control. Somebody has to look out for the victim. It may be difficult to see where a case is going to lead, but Kenda won't stop until he solves it.

The First 48 is back!

New Series Wednesdays 10pm from January 17th

In medicine, they call it the 'critical hour.' In criminal investigations, they call it 'the first 48 hours'. Ask any detective - they will tell you that if they don't have a lead, a suspect or an arrest within 48 hours, their chances of solving the case are cut in half. In a visual style that feels more like a TV drama than a reality show, The First 48 follows homicide detectives during these initial critical hours as they race against time to solve their cases.

Every hour-long programme follows various detectives from select homicide teams as they track breaking cases, each with a running clock that builds pace as the 48 hours inexorably expires.

New series of Robbie Coltrane’s Critical Evidence

Brand New Series Sundays 10pm from January 21st

When there’s a murder with no suspect, no leads and perhaps not even a body, that’s when investigators face their toughest test. Evidence must be gathered. Evidence must be analysed. But evidence is worthless if it can’t be pinned to a suspect... Most murder victims knew the person that killed them. That's why homicide, in many cases, is a straightforward crime to solve. Yet 20% of UK homicides are classified as “circumstances unknown”.

In this series, Robbie Coltrane reveals eight of the hardest, most complex and baffling murder cases ever to be investigated by British police. The focus of each programme is the trail of evidence: how it was discovered, what it meant and how it became critical to crack the case. With interviews from the lead investigators and forensic specialists, many speaking for the first time, Robbie reveals the astonishing twists and turns of often stranger-than-fiction cases. It is a record of the detectives’ art: using skill and determination to solve seemingly unsolvable cases – because the only difference between success and failure is critical evidence.