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The story of Linda Carty: Why she was arrested, prosecuted and sentenced to death - Women on Death Row


In May 2001, three men broke into the apartment of Joanna Rodriguez and her partner Raymundo Cabrera and demanded drugs and cash. Joanna's four-day-old son, Ray, was later found unharmed in a car, while she suffocated in the car. The three men pinned the blame on Linda Carty. She has been on death row in Texas ever since. Women on Death Row gives full access to the journeys of six women on death row in the United States, starting with the crimes and convictions that brought them to this position, exploring the struggles of living in imprisonment, and living every day knowing that soon it will be your last. Through never-before-seen footage from inside each prison, haunting recordings and first-person interviews, we navigate through the maze of death row to intimately witness these women’s stories.