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Women on Death Row

This new and exclusive series follows the stories of women who have been sentenced to the ultimate punishment - the death penalty. Today, there are 2,738 inmates living on death row in America and only 51 of them are women. This is the story of six women on death Row, one of which is a British citizen. Women on Death Row gives full access to the journeys of these women, starting with the crimes and convictions that brought them to this position, exploring the struggles of living in imprisonment, and living every day knowing that soon it will be your last. Through never-before-seen footage from inside each prison, haunting recordings and first-person interviews, we navigate through the maze of death row to intimately witness these women’s stories. Cases include Linda Carty, Melissa Luccio, Kerry Lyn Dalton, Sandi Nieves, Emelia Carr and Shawna Forde.