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Sicko murders teenager in 'Snuff Movie' fantasy - Britain's Darkest Taboos

Georgia Williams

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On May 26, 2013, porn-obsessed killer Jamie Reynolds lured 17-year-old Georgia Williams to his home where he hanged her and took photographs of himself sexually assaulting her. He then dumped her body in woodland and went on the run. Britain’s Darkest Taboos tells the stories of some of the most shocking and disturbing crimes within families and relationships. Every family’s worst nightmares are relived and re-told in unflinching detail by those left behind – by the families and friends, and by others whose lives have been touched - like the police officers and reporters involved in the cases. Each episode also includes expert analysis from former Detective Superintendent David Swindle and psychologist Emma Kenny. Each series looks into how the ones you trust the most can commit the most disturbing of crimes.