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Scottish killer arrested 5 minutes after trying to give the police a fake tip off - Murdertown


Anita Rani examines the true story that shook Wishaw, Scotland. The brutal story of 17-year-old student, Zoe Nelson, in North Lanarkshire in 2010 - and the twists and turns of the trial that followed. Zoe's sister, Laura Anne, was very quiet when the policed interviewed her about her sister's case. The Friday after she came clean that she had been seeing the same guy, Robert Bayne, as her sister and she believes that he was the one who did it. In a gripping ten part series, Murdertown puts location centre stage. Each episode tells the compelling, step-by-step story of how one extraordinary murder was solved and how it fit a disturbing wider pattern in one particular city. With interviews from victims, witnesses and police officers, Murdertown tells the story of some of the most shocking murders in the UK and examines the impact they had on local communities around them.