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New forensic science solves case that shook the town of Wigan - Murdertown


The true story of 15-year-old Louise Sellars, who went missing in 1995. The following day, she was found five miles from her home in Wigan. Police immediately began questioning residents with a particular focus on the teenage population of Appley Bridge. The questioning allowed them to zero in on a suspect, Darren Ashurst, whose car was spotted on the evening in question, driving erratically. After questioning Ashurst, the Police were able to pick holes in his alibi and build evidence against him as his story of what he did on the night in question continued to change. As a result, despite believing Ashurst was the killer, the Police only had circumstantial evidence, which wasn’t enough to charge him for the murder. But after the case is reopened years later, will new forensic science put Darren behind bars?