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Killer accused vulnerable old women of doing something beyond belief - Murdertown


The true story that shook the small village of Fleckney, Leicester, when 72-year-old Jane Hings was murdered in her own bed. 25-year-old Craig Keogh comes under suspicion when he is seen acting aggressively on the night of the murder. The night of Jane Hings's murder, Craig Keogh was acting chaotically while having a few drinks with his friends at their local pub. He then disappeared for a few hours, only to returned to take a few selfies with the pubs regulars. Was this to create an alibi? Murdertown puts location centre stage. Each episode tells the compelling, step-by-step story of how one extraordinary murder was solved and how it fit a disturbing wider pattern in one particular city. With interviews from victims, witnesses and police officers, Murdertown tells the story of some of the most shocking murders in the UK and examines the impact they had on local communities around them.