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Cigarette butt reveals possible serial killer in Whitby - Murdertown

Victim Julie Davidson

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In April 2012, Dawn and George Kibble visited the flat of Dawn's sister Julie Davison, concerned for her wellbeing after repeated phone calls went unanswered. On arrival, they found Julie's lifeless body on the blood-stained floor of her kitchen. She'd been attacked, stabbed multiple times, and left for dead. Julie's home had been burgled with the killer making off with her laptop, jewellery, cash, and items of her clothing. The Police immediately began to investigate the crime and found a cigarette butt close to the scene that became crucial in the case's progression. Murdertown puts location centre stage. Each episode tells the compelling, step-by-step story of how one extraordinary murder was solved and how it fit a disturbing wider pattern in one particular city. With interviews from victims, witnesses and police officers, Murdertown tells the story of some of the most shocking murders in the UK and examines the impact they had on local communities around them.