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Murdertown Season 4: Episode Guide

A headshot photograph of Murdertown 4 host, Emilia Fox
Image: Murdertown host Emilia Fox

Award-winning actress and presenter Emilia Fox hosts a brand-new series of Murdertown, a 360-degree investigation of the impact of a murder on a local community.

The stories are through the eyes of those most immediately affected: friends and relatives of the victims, the accused, as well as local crime reporters, investigating police officers, and criminologists.

In each episode, Emilia visits the towns and local communities where murders took place to re-tell the tragic incidents through testimony from people whose lives have never been the same since.

Murdertown premieres exclusively on Crime + Investigation on 11th September at 9pm and will be available to stream on Crime + Investigation PLAY from 12th September.

Episode 1: Rotherham - Sunday, 11th September 9pm

Emilia travels to the Yorkshire town of Rotherham to uncover the details of a horrific double murder separated by more than two decades. In April 2019, the body of Alena Grlakova was discovered by the police after she’d gone missing on Boxing Day the previous year. The investigation into her murder led to a suspect who’d been implicated in a similar crime back in 1997, the murder of Samantha Class in the city of Hull.

Through interviews with an officer who worked the case and the journalists who reported on it, we’ll learn how the police were able to use the investigation into a more recent crime to finally solve a historic one.

Episode 2: Swanley - Sunday, 18th September 9pm

In May 1996, the murder of Stephen Cameron hit national headlines as one of the first examples in the UK of a road rage killing. Emilia visits the town of Swanley to uncover the details of this tragic case, which quickly turned into an international manhunt for a notorious criminal who’d been involved in the 1983 Brink’s-Mat robbery.

With access to the police officer who led the investigation, we learn how the key witness bravely helped the police bring a dangerous killer to justice.

Episode 3: Glasgow - Sunday, 25th September 9pm

In April 2015, 24-year-old student Karen Buckley went missing whilst on a night out with friends in the West End of Glasgow. Emilia visits the location where Karen was last seen, the Sanctuary nightclub, and learns about the investigation that tried to find her.

An interview with the Senior Investigating Officer reveals how a suspect was quickly identified and how tracking his movements on CCTV led to a disturbing and tragic discovery.

Episode 4: Peterborough - Sunday, 2nd October 9pm

Emilia visits Peterborough, where, in 1979, a young woman went missing, having last been seen in the city centre. The police assumed Sally Ann McGrath had simply run away, and it took nearly eight months for her body to be found. The investigation into her murder took even longer.

We learn from the police officer who led the cold case review, about a three-decade-long investigation aimed at catching a dangerous individual who was on the loose and targeting young women.

Episode 5: Mablethorpe - Sunday, 9th October 9pm

The quiet seaside town of Mablethorpe was an unlikely location for what appeared to be an organised hit on a couple in their 50s. Emilia travels to the Lincolnshire coast to learn about the violent murders of Joan and John Stirland in 2004.

These were murders that had links to organised crime in Nottingham, and the investigation into the deaths led to the downfall of one of Nottinghamshire's most feared underworld figures.