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Murdertown season 2: Overview?

Welcome to Murdertown season 2
Image: Murdertown

Award-winning actress Katherine Kelly, a (Cheat, Happy Valley, Liar) hosts Murdertown S2 only on Crime + Investigation.

Murdertown follows a murder's impact on ten local communities in regions rarely showcased on TV. As the presenter, Katherine Kelly, takes the audience on a journey to the towns where the killings happened; helping the audience to piece together the events of these often untold stories.

With remarkable access,Murdertown features impactful and moving contributions from friends, family, journalists and police officers who lived through the tragedy, shedding new light on the stories that changed a town.

Guaranteed to send a shiver down the spine…

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Murdertown series 1 became Crime+Investigation’s highest ever home-grown show in 2018. The #1 rated podcast in partnership with ‘They Walk Among Us’ also returns for a new 10 part podcast series, unpicking a new case from each Murdertown episode every week.

Katherine Kelly on Murdertown season 2:

'If you watched all of the first series then you won’t be disappointed with the second series. It’s 10 more towns and cities within the UK. We go into the individual cases with as much detail as we did the first.

We speak to as many people as possible, so that the people surrounding the case get as much airtime as they so wish. A lot of the friends and family did want to speak about events because I think they didn’t have an opportunity to do so. The people that wanted to speak to us actually found it quite satisfying to do so. To tell their side of the story and get across how it affected them and the town as a whole, and what the repercussions are to this day. '

The full line up for series two is Wrexham, Ipswich, Portsmouth, Darlington, Greenock, Grimsby, Middlesbrough, Bristol, Nuneaton and Croydon