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Murdertown 4: Episode 2 - Swanley

A photograph of Emilia Fox in Swanley
Murdertown 4 returns with new host Emilia Fox

Murdertown is a 360-degree investigation of the impact of a murder on a local community, through the eyes of those most immediately affected (friends and relatives of the victims and, in some cases, the accused) as well as those further afield, such as local crime reporters, investigating police officers and criminologists.

In each episode, actor and presenter Emilia Fox visits the towns and local communities where murders took place to re-tell these tragic episodes through the testimony of investigating police officers, local journalists, friends, relatives and business colleagues: people whose lives have never been the same since.

In the second episode, Emilia visits the town of Swanley to uncover the details of a tragic case that quickly turned into an international manhunt for a notorious criminal who’d be involved in the Brinks Mat Robbery in 1983.

In May 1996, 21-year-old Stephen Cameron had a minor road collision near the M25 with known gangster Kenneth Noye. Instead of walking away from the incident, Noye attacked Cameron with a knife, stabbing him multiple times and leaving him on the side of the road to die. This crime hit the national newspaper headlines as one of the first examples in the UK of a Road Rage killing.

After the attack, Noye immediately fled the scene and also the country. Police were searching for a man with a different name, however, it was revealed that he was using a false identity, and a key witness of the attack was able to help police identify Noye and bring a dangerous killer to justice.

Episode two of Murdertown S4 is available to stream on Crime+Investigation PLAY from the 19th September.