Murder at My Door with Kym Marsh

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Oldest woman to be jailed in Britain has everyone fooled

Audrey Hingston is shocked to find her husband stabbed by two burglars who have broken into their home. When the police aren't able to find any DNA evidence, they suspect that something about the story isn't right. In 2003, a small town on the south coast of England was rocked by a violent crime on one of their own. Audrey and Eric Hingston were a happily married couple living in the town of Plympton, Plymouth. They had both been married previously and got together in their sixties. Eric was a familiar face in the community, being the longstanding owner of the local butcher shop. When Eric’s health deteriorated, Audrey became his primary carer. On 29th August 2003 at 3:45am, a panicked Audrey rang the emergency services. Audrey said that intruders had broken into the flat and had stabbed her husband Eric who was seriously wounded. Emergency services responded immediately but unfortunately Eric could not be saved.

Audrey gave an emotional speech at the press conference pleading for information on the two burglars that she said killed her husband. With all the public attention focused on these subjects, there was a result almost immediately and the two suspects that fitted Audrey’s description came forward. However, following police questioning they were found to have solid alibis.

Faced with this dead end, the detectives returned to the crime scene. They still couldn't find a scrap of evidence to show that the house was broken into by intruders. No trace of cloth fibres from clothes can be found anywhere, which was highly unusual. On closer inspection, they find a knife hidden behind some furniture in the bedroom. Could this game-changing piece of evidence finally lead them to Eric’s killer?

Murder At My Door: Series 1B Episode 2