Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath S3


Aftermath Letters, Ep 6

During the making of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath the Church of Scientology was invited to make a contribution, and to respond to the allegations made against it. The Church of Scientology declined to be interviewed, but instead delivered a number of documents to the programmes’ producer denying the allegations made against it, and in turn making a number of counter allegations against individuals who appear in the series. A number of these have been reproduced below to provide a wider understanding of the Church of Scientology’s perspective. The opinions expressed, and the allegations made, in these documents belong solely to the Church of Scientology, and are not those of A+E Networks UK.

Episode 6: Auditing

The sixth episode of "Aftermath" explores the recollections of former Sea Organization member Aaron Smith-Levin about his introduction to and ascent through the Sea Org, as well as his gradual disaffection from and disconnection from the Church of Scientology International. After requesting an interview from Mr. Smith-Levin's in-laws who remain members of the Church, the "Aftermath" production received a letter from the Church. As with other letters that the production has received from the Church regarding participants in the Series, the Church's letter seeks to discredit Mr. Smith-Levin.

Aaron Smith-Levin

You can also view Church of Scientology responses at: aetv.com/aftermathletters.