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Killer Britain with Dermot Murnaghan Season Four: Episode Guide

Julia Rawson
Episode 1 focusses on the tragic murder of Julia Rawson who was killed by a horror-obsessed couple

This February, Dermot Murnaghan returns for a brand-new season of Killer Britain with Dermot Murnaghan to offer a unique look at some of the most infamous crimes from recent years. As one of the UK’s most respected journalists, Dermot can explore the chilling storylines with expert detective intrigue as he gives new insight into the potentially forgotten cases.

Season Four premiered on 14th February at 9pm, exclusively on Crime+Investigation. Throughout the extended 11 episode run, viewers will be guided through some of the most shocking murders, such as the ‘Grindr Killer’ Stephen Port, nurse Ben Geen and the murder of student Libby Squire. Viewers will also be able to catch up with the new season from 15th February on C+I PLAY, while the previous three seasons are already available on demand.

Here is a rundown of all the episodes from Season Four, which are scheduled to be broadcasted every Monday at 9pm.

Episode 1: Nathan Maynard Ellis and David Leesley - 14th February

Dermot Murnaghan looks back to 2019 when Julia Rawson was brutally murdered after being lured back to the home of Nathan Maynard-Ellis in Tipton. Fascinated by horror films, Maynard-Ellis and his boyfriend David Leesley, attacked Ms Rawson, before twistedly killing and hiding her body parts. The first episode of the series delves into the demanding case to piece together the conviction of Maynard- Ellis and Leesley more than a year and half after Julia Rawson’s murder.

Episode 2: Stephen Port - 21st February

Labelled the ‘Grindr Killer’, Stephen Port raped and killed four men after meeting his victims online via gay and bisexual social networks. He lured them into meeting him with false claims about his background before adding GHB, a date rape drug, to their drinks and raped and killed them in his flat in Barking. The episode reflects on the extensive investigation that eventually led to Port’s conviction.

Episode 3: Pawel Relowicz - 28th February

Journalist Dermot Murnaghan looks back at the shocking murder of University of Hull student, Libby Squire who was targeted by Pawel Relowicz after a night out in town. Only 21-years old, Libby’s body was found seven weeks after the attack in which Relowicz had raped and killed her, dumping her body in the River Hull. Following a 14-day trial, Relowicz was jailed for her murder and found to be guilty of several more sexual offences.

Episode 4: Mark Jewitt - 7th March

Dermot revisits the case of Mark Jewitt, who viciously attacked and killed his neighbour Vera Hudson in Hull. Depressed and isolated, Jewitt was a man with issues; one night, when Vera knocked on his door after forgetting her keys, Jewitt was enraged. The episode looks back at the murderous attack that happened that night leading to Jewitt’s life sentence imprisonment.

Episode 5: Steven Wright - 14th March

In 2006, five women were viciously killed in the sleepy coastal town of Ipswich. Steven Wright dubbed ‘The Suffolk Strangler’ caught detectives in a game of cat and mouse for nearly six weeks in which he murdered his victims Tania Nicol, Gemma Adams, Anneli Alderton, Paula Clennell and Annette Nicholls. This episode re-examines the biggest investigation in Suffolk police history.

Episode 6: Janbaz Tarin - 21st March

In this episode, Dermot Murnaghan recalls the brutal killings of Raneem Oudeh and her mother Khaola Saleem, who were fatally stabbed by Raneem’s ex-partner Janbaz Tarin, outside their home in Solihull in 2018. After discovering Tarin’s secret wife and family, Raneem left their marriage but continued to be harassed and threatened by her ex-partner. Whilst on the phone to a 999-call handler, Tarin struck and killed Raneem and her mother. He was arrested three days later and pleaded guilty to his crimes.

Episode 7: Elliot Turner - 28th March

This episode reflects on the savage strangling of 17-year-old Emily Longley at the hands of her boyfriend Elliot Turner in his family home in Bournemouth. Well known in the local bar and club scene, Turner enjoyed the high-life, and the pair would relish the party scene. However, Turner’s obsessive and jealous behaviour caused their relationship to become volatile and descend into violent arguments. Following a heated row, Turner claimed he had defended himself but was convicted of Emily’s murder in 2012 alongside his parents who were found guilty of perverting the course of justice by helping cover up his crime.

Episode 8: Ben Geen - 4th April

This episode sees Dermot Murnaghan revisit the unsettling case of Ben Geen, a hospital nurse who orchestrated the murders of two patients at Horton General Hospital in Banbury where he worked. Whilst on duty, he injected 17 patients with drugs including muscle relaxants, insulin and sedatives; although doctors revived 15 of his victims, David Onley and Anthony Bateman did not survive. In 2004, Geen was found with a syringe filled with a lethal muscle relaxant and convicted of two counts of murder and 15 counts of grievous bodily harm.

Episode 9: Iftikar and Farzana Ahmed - 11th April

The sadistic killing of 17-year-old Shafilea Ahmed is revisited, who went missing in 2003 from her home in Warrington, her body found six months later by workmen in the River Kent. The episode takes viewers along the gruelling case that took years to unravel and finally bring her parents, Iftikar and Farzana Ahmed, to justice for her murder.

Episode 10: Michael Sams - 18th April, 9pm

Dermot remembers the chilling story of one of the oldest and longest-serving life sentence prisoners, Michael Sams. A man obsessed with money, he stopped at nothing to make more including abductions and ransoms. In July 1991, Sams kidnapped Julie Dart and took her to his workshop in Newark where he kept her in a makeshift coffin before killing her after she tried to escape. A year later, Sams kidnapped another victim Stephanie Slater where he raped and held her for ransom. It wasn’t until 1993 when the first of his three wives heard a recording of his voice on Crimewatch that he was convicted and sentenced to four life terms.

Episode 11: Ian Paton - 18th April, 10pm

In the final episode of the series, Dermot Murnaghan recalls the murder of Kayleigh Hanks who was violently strangled by her boyfriend Ian Paton at her flat in Bexhill-on-Sea, whilst their baby daughter slept in the same room. The pair had a turbulent relationship with reports of Paton being abusive and violent on several occasions. In 2019, his temper was out of control leading to Kayleigh’s fatal murder and Paton serving at least 16 years in prison.