“I had been handed a poison chalice. . .”
DCI Colin Sutton, Evil Up Close: Delroy Grant – The Nightstalker
It’s left to DCI Colin Sutton, who’s recently led the successful investigation to apprehend Levi Bellfield, to try and catch the perpetrator. Sutton decides that the DNA evidence is proving a red herring for the police. Taking charge, he changes tack and sets up a burglary squad. He’s discovered that in just one street in Croydon the Nightstalker has been his most prolific. Deciding that this is a significant area, he puts in a request for 150 officers and 18 cameras to observe this region. The request is declined but a compromise is reached. Sutton gets 70 officers.
On their first night of observation the Nightstalker attacks three times. This is a major breakthrough, but unfortunately the attacks are just outside the areas being policed. However, CCTV cameras show a man fitting the description of the Nightstalker running to a vehicle. Painstakingly watching every frame, experts pick out a silver Vauxhall Zafira as the car potentially owned by the Nightstalker. The net starts to close in.
Seventeen days later on 15 November 2009, a member of the surveillance team notices a similar Vauxhall Zafira in the neighbourhood. Realising it’s not a local car, suspicion is raised. An hour later a man is spotted running to the same car. The police spring into action and moments later, at around 2am, the Nightstalker is arrested. There are 203 confirmed cases now linked to this prolific sex attacker.