Carer of his disabled wife by day and serial rapist by night, it would take the police 17 years to finally catch Delroy Grant, The Nightstalker.

“If you asked me who the Nightstalker was I couldn’t tell you, but I could tell you who it wasn’t and it wasn’t Delroy Grant”
Shereen Barrie, Evil Up Close: The Nightstalker - Delroy Grant
Delroy Easton Grant is born in Jamaica in 1957. At two years old his mother walks out on the family and leaves Grant in the care of his elderly grandparents. Considering that the streets of Jamaica may not the best place for a young boy to grow up, Grant’s father, a devout Christian, makes the decision to move to the UK. Grant arrives in Britain aged 15, and not long after this his criminal career begins. Known at first for petty theft, he soon proceeds onto more serious offences including burglary, later spending time in jail for armed robbery.
In 1975 he meets his first wife Janet Watson. Within two weeks they’re engaged. Janet believes she’s found her own prince charming, but after the wedding things take a dramatic turn for the worse. Janet discovers that Grant has an obsession with tidiness and being in control. She learns that knives and forks need to be in the correct drawer, and can’t have watermarks. If any are found she gets a beating. Grant has a Jekyll and Hyde character. Out in public he knows the perfect way to behave and the right thing to say, but in his own home he’s the master, in control and his family must obey. The young couple have two children but after five years of abuse Janet leaves.
Grant moves to Leicester where he fathers another two children with his girlfriend. But in 1991 he’s sent to prison for handling stolen goods. Shortly after that the relationship ends and he heads back to South-East London. Its here he meets his second wife Jennifer Edwards. She’s a devoted Jehovah’s Witness and the community welcome him with open arms. The couple move into a house in Brockley, South East London, where they raise their two boys and Jennifer’s two girls from a previous marriage.
When Jennifer is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Grant, a former assistant in a care home, has to take care of her. He becomes a taxi driver by night and his wife’s carer by day. His neighbours admire the way he looks after her. He’s known as a pillar of the community, a good natured, always smiling, church-going family man. But unknown to them, beneath his devious exterior lays a sadistic, brutal rapist and burglar who by night targets the vulnerable elderly and subjects them to the most horrific attacks.