No witnesses, no forensics and no motive, just how would police bring a serial killer to justice? Read the crime file on Levi Bellfield to find out.

'You feed them and keep them - you can do what you want to them.'

Levi Bellfield on how he treats women, The Telegraph, February 2008.

Levi Bellfield is born in Isleworth, Middlesex on 17 May 1968. His parents are Joseph and Jean Rabbetts (later Bellfield). But by the time Bellfield is 10 years old his father dies of a heart attack. Jean, a formidable mother who dotes on her youngest son Levi, is left to raise her family of four children in a South West London council flat.

His life of crime begins as a teenager. Aged 13 he’s convicted of burglary. By 2002, aged 34, he’s amassed nine convictions, ranging from assault of a police officer to theft and driving offences.

Always short at school, it’s during his teenage years that Bellfield reaches the respectable height of 6ft tall. Despite his rather high pitched voice and caveman habits he believes he has an allure with the ladies. As a result he enjoys a string of relationships, and has dozens of lovers. In total, he fathers 11 children with five different women.

Despite being married four times he spends his spare time looking for women and sex, and his job as a nightclub bouncer provides the perfect opportunity. He has a separate flat where he takes prostitutes and young women he’s plied with drink and drugs, which fuel his voracious sexual appetite. Bellfield has a huge ego and believes he’s god’s gift to everyone.

However, when women fail to fall under his spell, his charming side quickly disappears, replaced by an evil rage. Underneath Bellfield is a brutal and controlling womaniser. A number of ex-girlfriends all describe a similar pattern of behaviour. He’s lovely and charming when they first meet him, but within weeks he stops them from seeing their friends and relatives. Eventually they need his permission to go out and he rings constantly, checking up on them.

Bellfield views women as objects to be chatted up, abused and then dumped. He particularly loathes blonde women with large breasts and admits to an ex-girlfriend that he hangs around alleyways wanting to hurt, stab or rape women.