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Shocking reveals from cult survivors

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Five former cult members speak out about their experiences being part of extreme groups. They talk about how the groups enticed their members, the sacrifices made and ultimately the impact that it made on their lives.

Elijah Muhammad speaks about his experience growing up as part of the United Nation of Islam (U.N.O.I) group. Muhammad and his brother were sent away to Kansas City as children to be part of the U.N.O.I group. Their parents truly believed that they were giving Muhammad and his brother the opportunity at having a better life. In reality the U.N.O.I forced the children to work, unpaid.

Sarah Edmondson was a member of a group called NXIVM for many years. Sarah talks about being physically branded by the group. The leader of NXIVM has been charged with human trafficking.

Samie Brosseau was a member of The Twelve Tribes. She was born into the group and claims it was a cult. After many years, Samie broke free of the group and has started an organisation committed to helping people break free of cults.

Amy Bril was a member of Children of God. Born into the group, Amy was sent away at age eight to live with leader David Berg. At just thirteen years old she was declared to be one of Berg’s brides. Amy talks about Berg’s ‘Law of Love’.

Lamont Barlow was a member of the fundamentalist Mormon group FLDS. He was born into the group. The group believed in polygamy and was led by Warren Jeffs. Jeffs is currently in prison for life as a result of organising child marriages. Barlow talks about his experience growing up in FLDS. The members had no contact with people on the outside, and Warren Jeffs organised all of the marriages within.