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All the new shows coming to Crime + Investigation in October 2022

A montage of show graphics for the October highlights on Crime + Investigation

Crime + Investigation opens the door to the complex and compelling world of true crime. Through a combination of UK Crime + Investigation originals and hit US series, viewers are taken on a journey in the pursuit of truth and justice.

Each story is personal and emotional, told through the eyes of the investigators, experts, family members and even the culprits themselves. The channel is home to top-rated shows such as Britain’s Darkest Taboos, Meet, Marry Murder, and The First 48.

Every month, compelling new shows hit the screen revealing to the nation new and unique true crime stories. Here are the must-watch shows coming to Crime + Investigation this October.

Exhumed – Tuesdays at 10pm

Exhumed examines a different gripping murder case in every episode, in which unearthing a victim’s body has been the catalyst to solving a crime. Viewers are provided with a unique, 360-degree look at the exhumation process through an emotional and strategic lens. What impact does it have on the distraught family members and how can investigators use them to crack the truly puzzling cases?

Each episode features a suspenseful exhumation that has led to shocking breakthroughs, unexpected plot twists and ultimately, justice being served.

The Jail: 60 Days In – Fridays at 9pm

Returning for an all-new season, The Jail: 60 Days In locks down Henry County Jail just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. For the first time in the show’s history, seven formerly incarcerated participants are going undercover to find valuable information that could help improve jail conditions.

All of the participants have previously been arrested and collectively served more than 40 years behind bars. Will they be able to survive everything thrown their way during the voluntary stint in jail, or will the challenge of going back inside be too much for them to handle?

Murder Detective – Sundays at 9pm

Murder Detective introduces former Surrey Police senior detective and criminologist Graham Hill to Crime + Investigation’s true crime-loving audience. In each episode of Murder Detective, Graham combines his detective methodology with forensic science and insider knowledge to give audiences his expert insight into how cases were cracked.

The show also includes key witness testimony, new interviews, forensic and psychological experts, and archival footage. This transports viewers into the heart of the investigations to experience all of the latest crime-solving techniques.

I Am A Stalker – Starts Tuesday, 18th October at 9pm

From the makers of I Am A Killer, I Am A Stalker takes viewers inside the minds of eight convicted individuals with a history of stalking. The perpetrators tell their story, in their own chilling words and explain how love turned into a deadly obsession.

The show features captivating, thought-provoking interviews with stalkers behind bars and first-person testimony from the courageous victims who survived these truly shocking ordeals. A variety of different stalking cases are covered, including disgruntled exes, co-workers infatuated with their colleagues, and sometimes just virtual strangers.