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Murders at Little Bridge Farm: Episode Guide

A dog collar showing the name 'Lady' next to a pond
Image: Murders at Little Bridge Farm

Murders at Little Bridge Farm is a brand new true crime documentary that dives into one of the most harrowing British murder cases of the decade. The show tells the story of Mark Brown, a self-proclaimed ‘psychopath with a conscience’, who brutally killed Alex Morgan and Leah Ware after meeting them online.

The two-part special pieces together this complex investigation; from Brown’s use of adult websites to lure women to a homemade ‘sex dungeon’, through to the false trail he laid for the police in a bid to prevent them from finding what he was hiding at Little Bridge Farm.

Viewers will be led through a detailed timeline of events to learn the truth of what happened to two doting mothers who had everything to live for and the monster who killed them – a man who would have killed again if given the chance.

Here is what’s coming up on each episode of Murders at Little Bridge Farm:

Episode 1

The first episode opens with the disappearance of mum-of-two Alex Morgan, who failed to return home from a spa trip in York.

As the police launch a missing persons investigation, they discover that instead of driving north from her home in Kent towards Yorkshire, she had in fact headed towards East Sussex. Using ANRP footage, police follow Alex’s distinctive white Mini to a remote country lane as it drives into an area of land known as Little Bridge Farm.

By this time, Alex had been missing for nine days and police carry out an extensive search of Little Bridge Farm but there is no sign of her. During the search, a van pulls up and the driver, Mark Brown, explains he rents the land and lock-up. In a bombshell revelation, Brown tells the police he knows Alex – he had met her via an adult website and they’d had sex on the day she went missing before she later left in her car.

Using Brown’s witness testimony, officers spend hours scanning CCTV footage overlooking access to the farm, but there is no sign of the Mini leaving that day. The following day, when the car is finally spotted leaving the property, it’s clear Alex is not the driver… and when they eventually locate the Mini, Alex is nowhere to be found.

Brown now becomes a suspect in Alex’s disappearance and is arrested. As police follow the trail of evidence, they make a horrific discovery, confirming their worst fears about Alex’s fate, but this is far from the end of the story.

Episode 2

During the investigation into the disappearance and murder of Alex Morgan, police discover a prescription in the name of another local woman, Leah Ware.

As police inquire into the whereabouts of Leah, it’s revealed that unbeknownst to Brown’s partner, she had been in a secret relationship with him for the past three years but had not been seen for the previous six months. Leah had been living at Little Bridge Farm, initially in a caravan onsite before Brown moved her and her Pomeranian dog, Lady, into a shipping container.

It is not long before police forensic officers discover canine bones and a dog collar in a pond at Little Bridge Farm. This new discovery leads police to believe that even before he lured Alex Morgan to her death, Brown had already claimed one life at Little Bridge Farm: that of Leah Ware. But where had he disposed of Leah’s remains?

As the hunt continues, further forensic examination of Brown’s phone reveals another twist in the investigation, as police find hundreds of messages between Brown and a third woman…messages which abruptly stop soon after Alex Morgan goes missing. Do police have another victim to find? And are they dealing with a serial killer?

Murders at Little Bridge Farm is available on demand to Sky and Virgin customers, as well as streaming on Crime + Investigation Play.