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Murders at Little Bridge Farm

Starts 22nd April at 9pm

Murders at Little Bridge Farm tells the shocking story of Mark Brown, and the double life the self-proclaimed 'psychopath with a conscience' led. A family man by day and sadistic killer by night, convicted, in December 2022, of murdering Alex Morgan, 34, and Leah Ware, 32. The two-part special will use archive footage, CCTV, police evidence and interviews with the victims’ families to piece together this complex investigation. It reveals how Brown laid a false trail for police, in a desperate bid to prevent them finding the horrific truth hidden at Little Bridge Farm. This exclusive commission for Crime + Investigation details the timeline and explores what happened to piece together the evidence of these two horrific murders that took place in St Leonards, Hastings. It gets to the truth of what happened to two doting mothers with everything to live for and the monster who killed them.

Murders at Little Bridge Farm, a new documentary series coming soon to Crime + Investigation and Crime + Investigation Play