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Crime + Investigation announces new true crime special, 'Murders at Little Bridge Farm'

Leah Ware (L) and Alex Morgan (R)
Image: Leah Ware (L) and Alex Morgan (R) | Murders at Little Bridge Farm

Crime + Investigation has announced a brand-new true crime documentary Murders at Little Bridge Farm, which tells the shocking story of Mark Brown and the double life he led.

The self-proclaimed ‘psychopath with a conscience’ was a family man by day and a sadistic killer by night. In December 2022, Brown was convicted of murdering Alex Morgan and Leah Ware.

The two-part special reveals how Brown laid a false trail for police in his desperate attempt to prevent them from finding the horrific truth at Little Bridge Farm.

Viewers will learn how Brown secretly used the AdultWork website to lure his chosen victims to a homemade sex dungeon at Little Bridge Farm. Here he murdered them and attempted to destroy the evidence. Police believe that Brown was planning the murder of a third victim, a long-term friend who escaped his clutches and will be interviewed for the special.

Murders at Little Bridge Farm will create a detailed timeline of events, examine the motive and piece together all the evidence of these two horrific murders. It gets to the truth of what happened to two doting mothers with everything to live for and the monster who killed them.

Executive producer Sarah Rest said: ‘As a team we are honoured both Kent and Sussex Police gave us exclusive access to this investigation and the officers involved shared with us their determination to bring Brown to justice.

‘We are indebted to the women who opened up their lives to us with searing honesty about their relationship with Brown and for whom the outcome could have been so different. Above all we hope our film pays tribute to Alex and Leah and shines a light on the women they were above and beyond the “victim” label’.

Murders at Little Bridge Farm concludes Monday, 29th April on Crime + Investigation and is available to stream now on demand and on Crime + Investigation Play.