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Crime + Investigation Play - What to watch in November 2023

CI Play Highlights - November 2023 - Secrets of Miss America
Image: Secrets of Miss America

Crime + Investigation Play is the only dedicated true crime streaming service, allowing subscribers to watch over 1,000 hours of true crime content on the go. Binge on British originals like Murdertown, Judge Rinder’s Interrogation Secrets and Cops Who Kill with Will Mellor, as well as hit US series such as Meet, Marry, Murder, The First 48 and Homicide Hunter.

Brand new content is being added every single month to keep you up to date with all the latest true crime shows. Check out what's coming to Crime + Investigation Play in November 2023.

Secrets of Miss America

Secrets of Miss America, part of America’s Dirty Secrets Season, delves into the long-kept secrets of America’s oldest beauty pageant and exposes the shocking scandals at its core. A cultural event once viewed by 80 million people annually, the pageant now struggles to stay relevant. The new generations of Americans have views on beauty and sexual politics that have changed drastically over the past few decades.

Pageant insiders, including more than 20 former Miss Americas, are telling their stories in one documentary for the first time and giving their insights into the true cost of wearing the crown and sash.

The series explores the emails leaked in 2017 that exposed misogyny within the Board of Directors, claims of racism in the pageant’s history, the topic of mental health and the banning of the controversial swimsuit competition.

Secrets of Miss America will be available to stream on Crime + Investigation Play from Monday, 27th November.

Murder in the Goldfields

Vast, sparse, hot and pockmarked with abandoned mineshafts - the Western Australian Goldfields desert can swallow you whole. Murder in the Goldfields investigates three baffling murders that have defied homicide detectives despite a rising amount of evidence.

Ray and Jennie Kehlet went prospecting with another man but never came back, Lisa Goven left a trail of evidence via CCTV cameras but disappeared, and Charlie Park vanished into thin air. It’s time we asked just why the Kalgoorlie Goldfields have more than its fair share of unsolved murders.

Murder in the Goldfields will be available to stream on Crime + Investigation Play from Monday, 6th November.

Beyond The Headlines: Elizabeth Thomas

Elizabeth Thomas was a 15-year-old Tennessee student in 2017 when she was groomed and abducted by the most popular teacher in her school. For Elizabeth and her family, the terrible nightmare lasted for 38 days until law enforcement tracked her down – 2,500 miles away from home.

In this one-hour special, Elizabeth sits down for her first interview in five years to share new revelations about her ordeal. With the subject of grooming still widely misunderstood, these new details offer a rare insight into the experience of survivors.

Beyond The Headlines: Elizabeth Thomas will be available to stream on Crime + Investigation Play from Sunday, 26th November.

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