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What's coming up on 'America's Dirty Secrets Season'

A man pressing his finger against a woman's lips to 'shush' her
Image: America's Dirty Secrets Season

Join Crime + Investigation for America’s Dirty Secrets Season starting on Sunday, 29th October. The three shows lift the lid on some of America’s best-known entertainment institutions to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets.

Through a modern-day lens, the documentaries featured in the season debunk the glamourous mythology that surrounds these establishments to expose the shocking scandals and hidden truths. They also explore the profound impact on those people at the heart of each of the stories.

With dark realities and insidious cultures being exposed throughout the season, what are the secrets that these entertainment brands don’t want us to see?

Read on to learn more about each of the titles that are being broadcast on Crime + Investigation as part of America’s Dirty Secrets Season.

Secrets of Playboy – Season 2

Secrets of Playboy returns to explore more hidden truths behind the Playboy empire. Once again, the series delves into the complex world Hugh Hefner created and examines the far-reaching consequences of our culture’s view of power and sexuality.

Unravelling the glamorous mythology created by the brand over several decades, Secrets of Playboy features archival footage and exclusive interviews with insiders from all facets of the business.

Secrets of Playboy season two premieres on Crime + Investigation on Sunday, 29th October at 9pm.

Secrets of Penthouse

Secrets of Penthouse details the epic rags-to-riches (and back-to-rags again) story of porn impresario Bob Guccione. The saga stretches across four decades of American history and is told here from the inside. The series features new interviews with the family who loved Guccione, plotted against him, and ultimately left him with nothing.

There are also contributions from former employees, the glamourous Penthouse Pets, and media contemporaries who were at the heart of the drama. Secrets of Penthouse pulls back the curtain to reveal the company’s inner workings: sex, money, back-stabbing, crime, art and family drama.

This is the story of the porn-king patriarch himself – the man who built a multi-million-dollar publishing empire and ended up with nothing.

Secrets of Penthouse premieres on Crime + Investigation on Sunday, 29th October at 9pm.

Secrets of Miss America

Secrets of Miss America uncovers the long-kept secrets of America’s oldest beauty pageant and exposes the shocking scandals at its core. A cultural event once viewed by 80 million people a year, the pageant now struggles to stay relevant to a new generation whose views on beauty and sexual politics have changed drastically.

Pageant insiders, including more than 20 former Miss Americas, tell their stories in one documentary for the first time. Watch as they detail the true cost of wearing the now-infamous crown and sash.

This series explores the whistle-blower emails leaked in 2017 that exposed misogyny within the Board of Directors, claims of widespread racism, as well as the topic of mental health surrounding the pageant and the controversial swimsuit competition.

Secrets of Miss America premieres on Crime + Investigation on Sunday, 26th November at 9pm.

How can I watch America’s Dirty Secrets Season?

America’s Dirty Secrets Season will be airing on Crime + Investigation this October and November. Secrets of Playboy starts on Sunday, 29th October at 9pm and will be followed at 10pm by Secrets of Penthouse. Secrets of Miss America begins at 9pm on Sunday, 26th November.

Is America’s Dirty Secrets Season available on demand?

Viewers will be able to catch up on all three shows on demand following their premieres.

Is America’s Dirty Secrets Season available on Crime + Investigation Play?

Secrets of Playboy season two and Secrets of Penthouse will be streaming on Crime + Investigation Play from Monday, 30th October. Secrets of Miss America will be available on the streaming service from Monday, 27th October.

Secrets of Playboy season one is available to stream on Crime + Investigation Play now.

Crime + Investigation Play is available on a seven-day free trial for new customers and at the low monthly cost of £3.99 thereafter. Subscribers can also choose to pay an annual fee of £29.99.

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