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Bad romance: True crime podcast recommendations for Valentine's Day

A podcast microphone surrounded by red mist

Diana Safieh co-hosts a true crime podcast with her sister Randa. Check out the Switchblade Sisters Social Club, a podcast where two sisters exploit their worst fears, for your entertainment. In this guest article, Diana talks us through the best true crime podcasts to listen to this Valentine's Day.

For those intrigued by the darker side of love and romance, here's a list of podcasts covering couples who commit crimes together, but also couples who produce true crime podcasts together. That is #RelationshipGoals!

British Murders: Killer Couples episodes

This is not your typical date night podcast, unless your date nights typically involve dissecting the devilish deeds of duos in love and crime. Imagine a quaint British setting where the tea is steeping, the biscuits are buttery, and the couples are... well, killing. It's like a romantic walk through the moors, if the moors were crime scenes and the wildflowers were alibis.

Hosted with a cheeky charm by Stuart, each Killer Couples episode of British Murders dives into the grimy details of Britain's most infamous criminal duos, from Yorkshire to the Highlands. It's the perfect listen for those who like their romance with a side of sinister and their sweet nothings whispered in a courtroom.

True Crime Couple

True Crime Couple is a bi-weekly podcast where love meets lethal, featuring married hosts Kay and John. Kay narrates the nitty-gritty of a true crime story to John, whose reactions are as unpredictable as the twists in the tales she tells. Their living room becomes a courtroom, and their banter is as intriguing as the cases they dissect.

With a side of armchair detective work and a sprinkle of spousal debate, they delve into the lesser-known crevices of criminality. Who knew date night could involve discussing alibis and autopsy reports?

Crimes of the Heart

A unique blend of love, dating, and true crime, Crimes of the Heart is hosted by Rory Uphold and features singles and couples sharing their most tragic and embarrassing love, dating, and sex stories with a true crime twist. It's a platform for confessions that intertwine the complexities of relationships with the intrigue of criminal acts. Makes me glad I’m single.

Criminal Couples

Criminal Couples dives into history's most infamous couples and their crimes. It explores the stories of doomsday cult leaders, bank-robbing bandits, coupled kingpins, pirates, and spies. This series investigates the dark side of love and the unholiest unions in crime history. Couples that slay together stay together.

Wife of Crime

Married hosts Jess and Russ from the Bronx discuss true crime stories over cocktails on Wife of Crime. Jess, with her knack for narrative, recounts strange and unsettling cases to Russ, and together they explore the ins and outs with differing perspectives, making for engaging and entertaining discussions. It's the perfect blend of crime, comedy, and couples' therapy, as these two navigate the murky waters of the criminal underworld, one laugh at a time​​.

Crime and Coffee Couple

Hosts Allison and Mike are a married couple that brew up a storm of true crime stories with a side of caffeine-fuelled commentary. Imagine a cozy coffee shop chat, if the topics were murder and mystery instead of muffins and lattes. Sounds like brunch with my pals, to be honest. Coffee and Crime Couple is about to make your Sundays a lot more interesting - and jittery!​


The hosts with the coolest surnames, Jessie Pray and Andie Cassette, bring a unique twist to true crime podcasts by focusing on stories of love and relationships that have gone fatally wrong. LOVE MURDER explores how seemingly normal people are driven to madness by passion and rage. This one will make you want to delete all your dating apps.

Wives & Knives

Wives & Knives might sound like a cutlery club, but in reality, it's a sharply witty podcast that slices into the stories of matrimonial mayhem. Each episode carves out tales of women who took 'til death do us part' a little too literally, with a mix of kitchen gossip and forensic facts that will have you eyeing your spouse and your steak knives a bit more cautiously. The hosts serve up each story with a side of sass and sarcasm, making it the perfect listen for those who like their true crime with a hint of humour.

I hope that has left you all in the mood to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Personally, I am glad I already have a podcast co-host and partner in crime, and that she is my sister.