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The difference between male and female prisons - Life Behind Bars


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How different is it for women in prison? Jules Rowan recalls her time as a prisoner as David eats rice and curry with her. Their personal anecdotes and comparisons of how they were treated are shared. Their talks about prison and how they survived it range from inventive ways to use sanitary towels to getting ready for a prison visit. David Navarro spent ten years in and out of prisons all over the country. Now he’s sitting down with people who have spent time inside to reveal the truth about the UK prison system. In each episode, David sits down to eat a real prison meal with a guest who has their own unique experience of being incarcerated or working within His Majesty’s Prison Service. From the moment they take their first bite, the pair embark on a journey that unravels the real myths and stereotypes that people have about UK prisons and prisoners.