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Suspect tries to give a fake ID - Alaska PD

A police officer talking to the camera in front of a police car at a traffic stop

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Alaska PD respond to a call out regarding a suspicious vehicle, and one of the passengers doesn't want to tell them his real name. A resident is concerned when they notice a car circling around the neighbourhood with two people getting in and out repeatedly. Fairbanks officer Christopher Zenyuch locates the car and tries to figure out what is going on. When he approaches, he sees a male and a female with a baby in the back of the car. When Zenyuch asks to see some IDs, it seems that the man doesn’t have one on him. When questioned about his name, the man tells the officer his name is Mike Smith, but that he has nothing on him that will prove this. Zenyuch is instantly suspicious and calls in to the police station in order to get a verification on the man’s identity. When his colleague calls back to confirm that there is no-one by this name on their system, Zenyuch challenges the man again, and asks to see a social media account on his phone that will back up what he is telling them. The man claims to not have any social media accounts at all. Eventually, the two officers question the woman in the car about the man’s identity and this leads them to the truth. The man’s name isn’t Mike Smith. He didn’t want to tell the officers his real name because has a warrant out for his arrest for violating his parole conditions. Zenyuch says: ‘Knowing when someone is telling a lie is a learned trait. It’s one of your tools. You put ‘em in your belt and move on to the next call’.