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Stalker Jaclyn Feagin accused of black magic after disturbing her husband's ex - I Am A Stalker

Jaclyn Feagin

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Since fewer than a quarter of convicted stalkers in the US are women, Jaclyn Feagin and Sandra’s case is statistically rare. In 2019, Jaclyn found herself in the middle of what she feared was a love triangle. Her husband Jesse and his ex-girlfriend, Sandra, had been messaging one another in the wake of their infant son’s death. Fuelled by jealousy, Jaclyn set out to take revenge on the woman she believed was trying to break up her marriage. In I Am A Stalker convicted stalkers tell us, in their own chilling words, how love turned into deadly obsession in face first, captivating in-depth interviews. From the makers of I Am a Killer, I Am A Stalker takes viewers inside the minds of 8 individuals with a history of being stalkers.