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Spears vs Spears: How the internet set Britney free - Courtroom Drama


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These are moments that went down in pop culture history and resulted in celebrity court cases that had us all invested. Join Jackie Adedeji AKA your raven-haired Elle Woods, alongside a lawyer and an expert, as we investigate the trials that dominated your timeline. We’ve read the court transcripts - so you don’t have to. Back in 2019, you couldn’t ignore the #FreeBritney movement, even if you tried. Fans and self-nominated detectives investigated their favourite pop princess for clues about the truth behind her conservatorship. Was Britney asking for help via her social media posts? Was she being held captive by her conservator? How could she be freed? Jackie is joined by barrister Grace Rose Gwynne and pop culture expert MJ Corey to revisit the trial of Spears vs Spears. In this episode they'll get into the power of fandoms, key moments from Britney’s testimony and the impact this case had on the laws around conservatorships.