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The sinister plot of Ashley McArthur after not being able to repay $100,000 - Murder Masterminds

Ashely McArthur lowers her head in court

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When the body of former policewoman Taylor Wright was discovered buried on a remote Pensacola farm, detectives had a lineup of suspects to investigate - her ex- husband from whom Taylor stole $100,000, her new live-in girlfriend Casandra, or her best friend Ashley. A locked cell phone held the clues. Murder Masterminds introduces viewers into all the emotion, drama, and suspense of America’s most chilling murder trials. Weaving together interviews and gripping footage, it’s an immersive true-crime roller coaster in two acts. At first, viewers play armchair detective as they hear from police officers, forensic experts, witnesses, and sometimes even the defendants themselves. (Murder masterminds, S1, E1)