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Rose West: Britain's Most Depraved Female Killer - Making A Monster

Rose West being led by a police officer

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Rosemary West certainly has notoriety – she is perhaps second only to fellow child-killer Myra Hindley as the most loathed woman in British legal history. But the true extent of Rose West’s depravity may still come as a shock to those who think of her as simply an accomplice of her equally infamous husband, Fred West. The episode delves into West's traumatic childhood to find out if this serial killer was born this way or simply a product of her upbringing. Making a Monster leads viewers on a journey through the psyches of the most notorious serial killers of all-time. Through the lens of some of the world’s leading forensic psychiatrists and psychologists, each episode of Making a Monster tells the story of a killer’s life – from cradle to grave. With the use of psychological formulas, the experts endeavour to explain how monumental life events can lead people to commit the most appalling of crimes.