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Ordained Minister David McGee multiple stalking convictions came back to haunt him - I Am A Stalker

David McGee

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In August 2009, Charmeka decided enough was enough and was ready to break up with David. Unfortunately, David wouldn’t let her go, and his controlling behaviour grew scarily obsessive. Just as Charmeka had given up hope, Stephanie, a firebrand prosecutor, took on her case. Determined to hold David accountable, Stephanie investigated David’s past and unearthed a shocking history of terrifying violence against women. But would David’s previous violent behaviour be enough to put him behind bars and give Charmeka back her freedom? Or would the elusive nature of stalking convictions result in David walking free, to find another victim? In I Am A Stalker convicted stalkers tell us, in their own chilling words, how love turned into deadly obsession in face first, captivating in-depth interviews. From the makers of I Am a Killer, I Am A Stalker takes viewers inside the minds of 8 individuals with a history of being stalkers.