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Missing man's mother never gives up on finding his body - Meet, Marry, Murder


When Denise William's husband Mike goes missing, he is believed to have drowned, or been eaten by an alligator. Is Denise harbouring a secret? Meet, Marry, Murder has a cast of characters we all recognise; sisters and brothers, best friends, matchmakers, children, parents, former school friends or co-workers. The ordinariness of life is at the heart of the extraordinary and tragic events we see - what a couple first felt about each other becomes central to the unforeseen real-life dramas which lie ahead. We hear about the sometimes strange reasons one spouse begins to hate the other. Motives are varied. Greed - as some have killed to cash in on insurance money, jealousy - as affairs have been discovered, convenience - as partners have simply wanted their spouse dead to make room for another.