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Michael Ross: The Misogynist Serial Killer - Making A Monster


Between 1981 and 1984, Micheal Ross murdered eight girls and women aged between 14 and 25 in Connecticut and New York. In 2005 he was executed to death. He was the last person to be sentenced to death in Connecticut before the state repealed capital punishment in 2012. In this episode, Dr Fred Berlin discusses appearing as an expert witness in Ross’s trial and supporting him through his attempts to bring forward his death penalty. Through the lens of some of the world’s leading forensic psychiatrists and psychologists, each episode of Making a Monster tells the story of a killer’s life – from cradle to grave. With the use of psychological formulas, the experts endeavour to explain how monumental life events can lead people to commit the most appalling of crimes. The landmark series explores the psychology of serial killers by the men and women who have sat face to face with evil.