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Killer grandma plots identity theft in Florida - Meet, Marry, Murder

Lois Reiss police mugshot

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Lois Reiss killed her husband, and then went on the hunt for someone who looked exactly like her. From the outside, David and Lois Reiss’ marriage story appeared wholesome and idyllic. However, their quiet life in the countryside was not so perfect after all, as Lois was hiding a very serious gambling addiction. She very easily stole over $100,000 from her cognitively disabled sister, taking advantage of her position as her primary caregiver. Once David found out about his wife’s financial situation their relationship started to breakdown and intense arguments were frequent. Meet, Marry, Murder has a cast of characters we all recognise; sisters and brothers, best friends, matchmakers, children, parents, former school friends or co-workers. The ordinariness of life is at the heart of the extraordinary and tragic events we see - what a couple first felt about each other becomes central to the unforeseen real-life dramas which lie ahead.