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The interrogation of Melissa Huckaby​, a bipolar Sunday school teacher | Rob Rinder's Interrogation Secrets

Rob Rinder addressing the camera

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Rob Rinder guides us through the case of a bipolar Sunday school teacher Melissa Huckaby, who was accused of the sexual assault and murder of Sandra Cantu. On 27th March 2009, Huckaby drugged Sandra with prescription pills and then strangled her to death with a torn rag. This shocking crime gained national attention and kicked off a ten-day search for missing Sandra that sadly led to the discovery of her body inside Huckaby’s suitcase in a local irrigation pond. Across Rob Rinder’s Interrogation Secrets, a team of experts will analyse the police interviews, in each of which the skilled work of detectives was key to cracking the case and securing a conviction. With Rob as our expert guide, retired senior detectives from the US and the UK, forensic and criminal psychologists and body language experts will examine the original police footage of interrogations at the heart of each case, to reveal the ‘tricks of the trade’ used to extract a confession and the tell-tale signs that a suspect is lying.