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I clean crime scenes - Cut To The Crime


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Stacey Foyster quit her high-flying job as a financial analyst to become a crime scene cleaner. Her work includes deep-cleaning houses after shootings, stabbings, suicides and drugs dens, and while it’s messy work, she takes pride in making houses liveable again and bringing a sense of relief to families after a tragedy. She says you need to love cleaning and have a strong stomach to do the job. When a new client comes into James Busby’s hair salon, all he knows is their name, never their story. As each powerful episode unfolds, we join him on a gripping journey of discovery as he cuts to the crime. Cut To The Crime is the series that gets under the skin of how young people are deeply affected by crime, in a familiar setting to us all. Featuring hairdresser and host James Busby, well-known for his transformative online hairdressing content, contributors arrive at his salon and sit in the chair, just like in any hairdressers.