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The horrific case that had police stumped - Killer Kids

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Bellevue, Washington...a comfortable suburb just south of Seattle. On a quiet Saturday night in 1997, a young woman found strangled to death in a local park leads police back to her home where they discover her family has been brutally murdered. This seemingly unprovoked atrocity leaves the town shaken to its core. Killer Kids provides an in-depth profile of the lives of kids who kill. What can possibly motivate kids to commit criminal acts and even murder? From hate crimes to gang initiations, murders of family members to occult ceremonies, each case in the series exposes different motives and methods of murders by children. A terrifying and fascinating journey into the disturbing lives of children who commit acts of murder. Through first hand eyewitness accounts, psychological investigation, and edge of your seat re-enactments, this new series explores what motivates a child to engage in horrific, sometimes unbelievable criminal acts.