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The dark secret side of working in the Chippendales - Secrets of the Chippendales Murders

Old photo of nine topless Chippendale dancers

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In the 1980s, Chippendales was a worldwide phenomenon; at the centre of its meteoric growth are Steve Banerjee, who left India to live the American dream, and Nick De Noia, a children's television producer. Secrets of the Chippendales Murders shines a light on what happened behind the scenes of Chippendales, the world-renowned touring dance troupe. The business made millions and quickly became a pop culture phenomenon. But behind the scenes was a dark and disturbing story of murder, attempted arson, and suicide. Former dancers, producers, investigators, and family members share their stories of what being part of the Chippendales phenomenon was really like, and the heartbreak they suffered when it all came crashing down.